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keep 100% of your sales

Setting up your shop online and matching drivers to your store requires some support from our team. So beat the queue and get in early so you can be one of the first to start making money.


FECH has the same as your in-store take-away prices. No price-hiking.
This ensures that your customers see you as a fair player and can increase re-orders from you ... That means more Sales!


Your Dedicated Drivers join FECH, offering a higher level of delivery service to your customers, without the liability of employment!


Subsidised local store marketing will get customers flocking through your doors ... best part is you get to keep 100% of your sales!

why fech?


FECH Platform is operated by BTE AUSTRALIA ... a Not-For-Profit ... This is why we can offer you this REAL low-cost service and let you keep 100% of your Sales Revenues. FECH is purpose-driven and not profit-driven like the international portals. OUR PURPOSE IS TO EMPOWER SMALL BUSINESS IN AUSTRALIA USING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES WITHOUT COSTING THE EARTH.

STOP Consumer price-hiking

The FECH Partners are out to educate Australian consumers to stop using delivery platforms that have hiked up consumer pricing! It’s time for CHANGE and the FECH initiative will help to move power back to you without fleecing your valued customers! Your customers will use your services more often as everyone’s prices are the same as their takeaway prices without the need for unfair price-hiking!  

Drivers keep 100% of delivery fee

Our market research has shown that a delivery charge should not be higher than $4.99 for use on a mass scale. Also, it is only viable for a Driver to deliver when they receive $6.00 per delivery within a 3 km radius. Therefore, the fair solution to satisfy Consumers and Drivers is achieved by Shop Owners contributing just $1 to the Driver for the delivery. Your new delivery service stays competitive and everybody is happy!

marketing benefits

Together with its affiliated Australian Media/Marketing Companies, FECH will offer you, unheard-of Marketing benefits for your business and help you to drive more sales with higher profit margins. FECH has organised a “no-where-to-be-found” deal for you, to send your store message on printed full colour brochures to 5,000 homes, letting your local householders know that you are delivering through FECH.


Firstly, FECH is already owned by a Professional Tech-Based Fintech company that specialises in Payment Gateway systems, Accounting, Big-Data and Artificial Intelligence and has the know-how and experience to establish a world-class scalable Platform at a lower cost than most corporations. Our research also shows that to host an enterprise grade e-Commerce Marketplace and Delivery Platform for your business like FECH, it would have a raw cost of around $600 per month for up to 2,000 monthly orders and deliveries per store. Large Delivery Companies have this sort of expenditure as an average group-cost per store. However, for the same usage, you are not paying $600 but $6000 and more through the current delivery portals. That is 10 times more than the cost of doing it yourself!

FECH simply provides you with all the Technology and Marketing Tools you need to win your business back from the unfair stronghold of multi-nationals and increase your profit.

What you get with fech:


  • A world-class meaningful four-letter brand domain (“”)
  • Your E-Commerce Shop for Pickup or Delivery with all APPS
  • Use of the On-Demand Delivery Technology with all APPS
  • Ability to have your own Dedicated Drivers
  • Ability to use the Open Network of Fechers (Drivers), ubereats model
  • The Bonus “Marketing-at-Cost” pricing
  • Expert Local Marketing consultancy and Digital Assets evaluation
  • A free membership with $1,000 Trade dollars from a “Fee-Free”Barter Club
  • Other Group Buying Benefits!

Here’s what we’ll do for you when you join:

  • Assist you to set up your e-commerce storefront including menu, logo, images, settings etc. We can also get one of our consultants to do it all for you, hassle-free and valued at $132;
  • If required, we will assist you to appoint your store dedicated drivers to deliver your products as a priority and allow usage of the wider pool of drivers as they become available in your area. With millions of unemployed, it has never been easier to set up your own dedicated home-delivery service;
  • You will receive 500 Standard – colour FECH Brochures to educate your customers;
  • You will receive a FECH Storefront window sticker to let consumers know to order direct through and save;
  • Provide you with subsidised local marketing deals to get your customers flocking through your doors


It’s worth joining FECH, just to be a part of this subsidised local advertising POWER-PROGRAM at super-low pricing.
As FECH Memberships increase rapidly over the next year, Fech will penetrate the minds of  millions of consumers every month like a heartbeat …

“With reduced retail prices and delivery fees from just $4.99, customers will return to FECH instead of other price-hiked platforms knowing they can save more on their order while helping your business to keep 100% of sales”.

We are effectively, arming you and other business owners with everything you need to collectively promote to your local community and to combat the internationals.

FECH – domain can be YOUR new CO-OPERATIVE hosting website
FECH – It’s 100% Your money to keep!
FECH – It’s 100% your Delivery service to control with your own dedicated, independent drivers!

Of the current 60,000+ small business owners in Australia using high-cost delivery companies, you can take advantage of this initiative and always be rewarded with special VIP-MEMBER pricing and benefits for life to the first foundation members that register with us …
So, by acting now you can secure some limited time benefits, such as:

  • Setup Cost … normally $297 now just $165 – SAVE $132
  • First in Shop Owners get a consultant to do it all for you, hassle-free – SAVE $132
  • First in Shop owners get first right to advertise to 5,000 Local Homes on the FECH Brochure
  • Take advantage of the “Low-Cost Membership Plans” if you are one of the first 15% of shop owners in your area. We cannot advertise these publicly so register now and save!

We hope you are as excited about the FECH initiative as much as we are in offering FECH to you.
We look forward to welcoming you to and putting a smile on your customer’s faces when they find out that they can order direct through you and enjoy the same as your in-store takeaway prices …

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